USA’s military budget beats all

Reader Input
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I was thinking about our military spending. We spend more than the next 17 nations combined, almost 42 percent of our budget. I believe if we closed all of our bases overseas, half of them here at home and reduced our military spending by 75 percent, we would still have the largest military budget and resources on the planet. I hear so much about “national security,” “terrorism,” etc., but I still wonder what a submarine capable of carrying 60-plus nukes and going around the globe underwater has to do with fighting small cells of people intent on carrying out attacks on our nation. One aircraft carrier today carries more firepower than all the aircraft combined during WWII, and we are in the process of building another as I type this. Another generation of Stealth fighters and bombers on the horizon costing billions of dollars, when in fact in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan what finally prevailed was B52s (circa 1950s) carpet-bombing the desert. Maybe channel all this funding home to our infrastructure and putting millions of Americans to work at a living wage, improving our highways, education and even mass transit. Use some of our G.I. money to train soldiers getting out to prepare them for a productive civilian life. When I came home in 1970 and looked for work, there was not a big demand for M16 operators, so I used my G.I. bill to train as a diesel mechanic. Just a thought. Verne Disney, Applegate