USA a hostage of China

Reader Input
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Recently I wrote a letter to the editor regarding Wal-Mart opening in Auburn (Reader Input, April 11). I would like to follow up on that letter in response to the comments that were posted on the Internet. First off, my letter did not put blame of Wal-Mart’s expansion on President (Barack) Obama. The expansion started with the Free Trade Agreement that President (Bill) Clinton’s administration put together with the Chinese government during his eight years in office. We were all enjoying life during that administration. Economically we were fat and as consumers we were buying everything and anything we could get our hands on. We were so busy spending our hard-earned dollars on Chinese goods while in total denial of the future results of our actions. Secondly, I have been aware for years of the fact that all retailers purchase goods from China. As I stated, Wal-Mart is the number-one front man followed by Dollar Tree Stores, Home Depot, Target, Kmart, to name a few. As a manager at Gottschalks, I was actually embarrassed when customers asked, “What do you sell that is made in the U.S.A.?” It really saddens me that our country is so indebted to the Chinese government through loans and purchasing. Whether we consciously supported free trade with China or not, history will show that the results were the ultimate hostage take-over. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista