USA remains a Christian nation

Reader Input
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This past Sunday we saw a beautiful memorial service honoring the 29 miners who were killed in the West Virginia mine explosion. The mens’ hard hats were put on crosses, with their lights shining bright in front of the auditorium, and a picture of each of the men was displayed. I was so impressed, the way God was proclaimed and glorified during this service. The many speakers thanked the Lord, Jesus Christ, for his faithfulness. It was so evident how the families and the townspeople around them acknowledged the Lord’s presence in the midst of this tragedy. Even President Obama and Vice President Biden affirmed that God was the strength of all of these families that had lost a loved one. These families received many hundreds of messages from people all over the country, and around the world, saying that they were praying for them. Why are we so ready to pray when we have a tragedy, and are coming on to hard times? We are a Christian nation, and how well it was confirmed at this memorial service. ELLY DERR, Auburn