USA turning into Nazi Germany

Reader Input
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Well, the last letter I wrote I said, “get rid of the jackass in Washington.” I hope it comes true in November. If it doesn’t, I guarantee you our country will be just like Germany when Hitler was there. It has already started where federals go into schools and check children’s lunches. That’s because the so-called First Lady complains about what people eat. She should keep her mouth shut. The jackass has done nothing for our country. He and his family travel all over the world. Who pays for the fuel? “Us.” He wants to become the United Nations, not “The United States of America.” He gives our money to all the other countries. Our U.S.A. should be taken care of. Our service men (should) come home. They can’t get a job because the illegals will work for nothing. There are so many homeless and all of the people who have lost their homes. I am going on 82 years. I can tell you our country now is worse than the Depression in the ’30s. My father is certainly turning over in his grave. He went away to make money for the family. He helped build the pipeline in Alaska. He and his two brothers helped build the pipeline in Kuwait. He also helped build the San Francisco (-Oakland) Bay Bridge. Now about California. The state is in ruins. Our poor homeless. The state wants to build new prisons and arenas. Why not build buildings for our homeless? Our state doesn’t care about the people. Get rid of them; get people in office who care. Most important put the death penalty back. You make me laugh when I read the years to be spent when people kill somebody. We are paying for them sitting on their butts having three meals a day. What about our homeless? Also, the people who have called me about the last letter I wrote: They said I was terrible talking about the beloved president. I told them “I live in America and I can say what I want.” God bless America. DEE NANN, Christian Valley