Use Area 5 rec funds in Auburn

Reader Input
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As a strong proponent of parks and recreation facilities in the Auburn Recreation District, I am asking that the (Placer County) Board of Supervisors does not approve the use of $150,000 of Area 5 park mitigation fees for the expansion at Hidden Falls Regional Park. Our recreation district employees and board members do an extraordinary job of keeping our parks, fields and open space in the district in great shape. However, in these tough economic times it is getting more and more difficult to do this on the very miniscule budget they have. This money is desperately needed for planned projects at ARD. Please keep the Area 5 mitigations funds in our district. We absolutely need our community funds to remain local.  Please consider other funding options for the Hidden Falls expansion before making a choice that will impact the availability of recreation facilities for local residents. Cheryl Maki, Auburn