Use energy to craft health plan

Reader Input
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The debate over heath care has become more and more heated, and as a result opponents of health care reform have begun to resort to fear tactics and outright lies. There are many valid arguments for and against health care reform, and those backed up by fact can help to craft a bill that could benefit all and reduce the ballooning costs and declining care for all Americans. However, a number of arguments against reform are based on fear and fallacies. Hopefully, everyone knows by now that there are no evil “death panels” that are going to decide when and how you will die. The mere suggestion is lunacy. What the bill actually says, is that if you choose, and only if you choose, you will not have to pay to talk with your doctor about what to do if you fall into a coma or contract a serious illness. The point of this letter is not to argue for health care reform, though I do believe it is necessary, but to shine light on the shameful lies opponents are using to derail what should be a lively debate based in fact, not fiction. Zachary Sperske, Auburn