Use this great language right

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About 12 years ago, one of the Atlanta Braves pitchers, perhaps Tom Glavine, made a literacy commercial. A young fan was yelling, “pitcher’s got a rubber arm, pitcher’s got a rubber arm!” The pitcher was pulled from the game and as he passed the yelling fan, he said, “The verb is has.” I applauded it then and I recall it every time the verb “got” is misused as it is daily on television, in print and in daily discourse. Since the ad “Got Milk?” it is the most misused verb in English. The use of contraction compounds the error. “You’ve got mail,” translate to “You have got mail.” You have mail is concise and correct. Or “America’s got talent” should be America has talent; direct and correct. Other words that fall in this category are “more importantly” and “alumni.” English is a beautiful language; it is the language of power. At times we need to use it correctly simply to demonstrate that we can. Brune Dowry, Meadow Vista