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Re: “Re-hiring retired needs to be phased out,” (Another View, Journal, Jan. 29): This article is short-sighted, as are our legislature and Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown. The last time I taught a class of police retirees who’d been “rehired,” I was awed and humbled. I was facing more than 1,500 years of collective police experience. I also can’t guess within hundreds, how many lives those “retirees” saved during their careers. What’s not considered is that our community, state and nation continue to benefit from active officers as well as “retirees.” When we take off our uniforms, we don’t drop a working lifetime of knowledge, skills or habits and the public has never paid for that time, training and effort. In this era of “fiscal restraint” it’s crucial to note inflated public pensions generally don’t go to rank-and-file. Our county exec soon retires at more than $250,000 per year. And I’m betting he never worked a weekend, holiday, or faced a gun or knife-armed suspect in his life! When the rank and file pick up our non-inflated pension checks, we hold our heads high. We earned them through decades of sweat, blood and excruciating “trauma and sweat of the mind” which was often more damaging than our physical injuries. We cleaned up, solved and walked through society’s collective nightmares for decades to earn that pension. Dumping thousands of years of training and experience isn’t a good idea. But that’s what the myopic legislature and governor want. Like many other actions California governments taken over the years, it’s asinine, but now we have to live with it. Rocky Warren, Colfax