Use vote to save money

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It was recently been brought to my attention that Mr. Conservative, Ted Gaines, will cost Placer County voters at least $650,000 in 2011. Since his ambitions literally drove him to run for two offices in the November election, we taxpayers might pay, not just for one additional election, but two. If he wins the race for state Senate on Jan. 4, the Assembly position he won in November will be up for grabs. That means two special elections will be necessary — Primary and General. I believe that prior letters to the Journal on this subject did not include that cost of a Primary. But we voters can prevent this million- dollar expenditure by voting for Ken Cooley in the Jan. 4 state Senate election. I know little about Cooley myself, but I know his election will save us (money). In these days, that is a good enough reason for me. George Farmer, Auburn