Utilities that trump PG&E

Reader Input
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Re: SmartMeter/jurisdiction SmartMeters are installed on homes regardless of radio frequency radiation concentrations or consumer sensitivities. PG&E is now proposing one-time charges and monthly fees from consumers who want to stop SmartMeter RF radiation, Our municipal rights-of-way already contain gas/electric, without new fees. To stop the RF emanating from on our home, I agree (to) paying new charges and fees, however, I prefer to pay them to “our” new-municipal-utility company. Would municipal-utility companies be more accountable than a convoluted PG&E: that loses files, that spends millions on failed propositions and now spends on propaganda promoting SmartMeters? For sure, municipal utility companies wouldn’t spew consumers’ funds on excessive executive compensations/million-dollar bonuses/stock options. Sign me up! JOHN L. BAUER, Martinez