Utility must be reasonable

Reader Input
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Both my wife and I have lost our jobs this year directly because of the poor economy and it has been difficult for us to keep up with our rent, food and utilities, especially our skyrocketing electric. Because we have been late on our SMUD bill, they are now adding a required deposit onto our bill that is 2.5 times our average monthly bill. If we couldn’t keep up with the normal monthly amount what makes them think that we will be able to afford a deposit? We have tried to work with SMUD but they will not budge on this deposit issue. I know many people must be in the same boat as our family so SMUD should realize that these times are tough on families who don’t have enough income to make timely utility payments and should waive deposits. What SMUD is doing is nothing less than a callous disregard towards struggling families. Now is not the time to focus on “business as usual” tactics but bend your rules in favor of compassion and have a true willingness to work with struggling families who are trying to keep their utilities running and their families together. Kurt Kondrad, Roseville