Utility not run in our interest

Reader Input
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The last Georgetown Divide Public Utility District meeting would have been a good comedy skit if it was not our water district. First, the board did not consider waiting for the new, lower PERS percentage (agreed to in new contract) to take effect before approving hire of two new employees. The general manager of course got his way, saying if he could not hire two permanent ditch workers immediately that it could impact the opening of agricultural water season. Next was a real good one. There has been a tradition in GDPUD to have no written performance evaluation for the general manager. The GM has been working for GDPUD for 10 years, and there is virtually nothing in his personnel file with the district. Everyone else that works for the district has written evaluations in their file. There again, only the two new directors said that there needs to be a written file for all employees, but they were of course, in the minority. The discussion about access when the water company has a right (and need) to do work on private property was quite amusing. As usual the two new directors wanted some kind of written policy, while the other three thought that business as usual is just fine. It was mentioned if the system is not broken, don’t fix it. Yet GDPUD has had one lawsuit about cutting of trees on private property, and another pending. The way GDPUD is run right now, it may not even be necessary to have a board of directors if they are just a rubber stamp of the general manager! If you are on another local board, maybe give the directors a call (they are listed in the GDPUD website) if you feel that it is not being run in the public’s interest. If you are a member of the public, come to a meeting and see for yourself. Jack Podsedly, Georgetown