Vandals hit parked cars in?Auburn

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A vandalism spree in the early hours of Saturday morning left at least half a dozen vehicles in Auburn with dents and broken glass. “There was definitely not any access gained or any attempt to do that,” Auburn Police Officer Mike Metzner said Saturday. “It was simple, but very expensive vandalism.” The incidents were spread throughout Auburn — on Lincoln Way, Foresthill Avenue, Canyon Way, Nevada Street, Manor Way and Grace Street. “One of the vehicles (was dented by) a can of spray paint, another had a jar of Prego thrown at it,” he said. “There were some sort of clear glass items. One appeared to be a bowl thrown at it.” The Foresthill Avenue report indicated someone heard a loud bang at about 1:30 a.m. in the area where one of the damaged cars was parked, he said. Canyon Way resident Linda Brown walked outside Saturday morning to find the back window of her car cracked and the head of a golf club inside. Brown, whose car was the only one damaged in the neighborhood, said she believed it may have been hit because of the Obama sticker on it. But Metzner said the vehicles were randomly targeted. “No one else’s car had any political stickers or paraphernalia on it whatsoever,” he said. According to Metzner, the extent of the impact damage indicates it was from objects thrown from a passing vehicle. “(There were) broken tail lights, body damage, headlights out or mirrors broken or broken off,” he said. “… There was no rhyme or reason as to what kind of cars. It was quite a variety.” The first of the vandalism calls that came into the Police Department Saturday morning was on the car hit by the glass bowl. “It appeared to have had candy in it because candy was strewn around as well, “Metzner said There are no leads in the case so far, he said. ~ Staff report