On Veteran’s Day, a protest suggestion

Reader Input
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I feel privileged and honored to know that my freedom has been maintained by so many U.S. citizens that have donned military uniforms for us. These individuals have sacrificed so much for our country, and we can never begin to repay them. It has come to my attention that the Veterans for Peace organization is planning to march in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade again. They march to protest war and many of them have earned the right to do so. Yet many of them showed their cowardice by dodging draft, or being conscientious objectors. Many of them chose to let others make sacrifices for their freedom of speech to protest. I, for one, think that they should not protest on the day we are to honor the heroes who have given so much for us. I say let the Veterans for Peace march in our parade as they are Americans and have the right to do so. In peaceful protest to their lack of respect to our heroes each of us should turn our backs to them as they march. When we patriotic Americans see a Veterans for Peace banner or sign, we should turn our backs to them like they have done to our heroes. Let’s honor our real heroes, not the Veterans for Peace organization. David Chaddock, Auburn