Veteran alleges sheriff's wrongly held him back

Sheriff?s office rep. says military service people have never been penalized
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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The Placer County Deputy Sheriff's Association filed a lawsuit against the county Monday in federal court for allegedly violating a military veteran's employment rights.

Army Sgt. Kevin Brady contends he was held back from being eligible to apply for specialty assignments and promotions after he returned from an 18-month tour of duty stateside for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Attorney B.J. Pierce, who is representing the association, said Brady is hoping to be put in the position he would have been promoted to had he not been deployed and to secure the rights of other veterans returning from serving in the military to their civilian jobs.

Pierce said Brady, a deputy sheriff currently serving as a jail deputy, has been told by the county he is 12 to 18 months behind his peers in eligibility to apply for specialty assignments, which also carry raises, because of the time he spent deployed.

Despite discussions with the county, Pierce said no headway was made.

"The issue is making sure that something is in place to making sure this doesn't happen to other veterans," Pierce said. "We have had other veterans come forward with similar complaints and that was prior to filing the lawsuit."

Those veterans have not filed lawsuits, Pierce added.

Garland Lew, president of the Placer County Deputy Sheriff's Association, said he hopes to work with the county to see the issue fairly resolved.

"We are just trying to resolve some issues. Some differences we have in regards to how the sergeant should be taken care of on his return back from the military," Lew said. "I think at this point in time they are more than willing to figure it out with us."

The Journal has contacted the county and is waiting for a response. More information will be provided later today.

~Sara Seyydin