Veteran treasures medal and memories

Reader Input
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Over 40 years ago when we came home, we didn’t come home to a thank you or any kind of caring and warm recognition. We came home to a country that was torn over the war itself, and unfortunately some took their frustration with the war out on us. Today we felt redeemed, we felt honored and it was with a lump in our collective throats that we old ragtag but proud Vietnam vets marched down Lincoln Way to your clapping, waves and warm wishes. Words cannot express what it meant to all of us. I can only speak for myself and say thanks to the organizers for such a fine tribute to all veterans. Thank you, too, for the “Welcome Home” medal. It will be a keepsake I will treasure. My thanks to the Placer Hillmen marching band and the Bear River marching band for providing us with their presence and the great patriotic songs they played. My thanks to all of the other veterans who marched along the same parade route with us because it was your day too. Most of all, thank you to all of you citizens of our fine town who came out to watch and wave and show your support. It is truly a blessing to live in a town where people care and show it. Paul M. Harman, Auburn