Veterans are society’s core

Reader Input
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Congratulations to the city of Auburn, the Veterans Day parade organizers and participants. What a great parade. It says a lot about our community in our honoring, showing respect and saying thank you to our veterans. What does a veteran look like? There are 23 million of us. That’s about 7 percent of our population. We are a cross-cut of society. We have used our military experiences and GI Bill benefits to better ourselves and build a better society. Most of us are doing just fine. On Veterans Day, veterans tend to put on all or parts of our old uniforms. Some don’t fit very well. We wear dress blues, some wear fatigues and some wear special insignia caps. It’s a great way to bond, sharing our common service to our country. And that’s what the children see, a bunch of us old guys dressed up in funny clothes. Maybe one year, all the veterans could march in the Veterans Day Parade, wearing what we wear to work every day. We are the teachers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, police officers, truck drivers, farmers, business owners, waiters and salesmen. That’s what veterans look like. We are the core of society that made this country great. And we need to tell our children that. STEVE HAVERBERG, SGT, U.S. Army, 3rd Armored Division, 66-69