Veterans could rebuild nation

Reader Input
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Watching the speeches on Memorial Day, I think they were missing a very important point. Oh, we?re good at cheering and waving flags and talking about how we ?Support the Troops.? But once they leave the service, we seem to forget about them. The ranks of the homeless are hugely filled with veterans. I have a suggestion that might help. As we extract ourselves from the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there should be a surplus in the military budget of about $150 billion, the amount we?ve been paying to support these wars. Why don?t we take $100 billion or so each year and hire 3 million veterans? For years we have ignored our aging infrastructure. We have roads, bridges, dams and schools in need of repair. All our nuclear power plants are more than 35 years old and all need repair. These workers could build a solar and wind infrastructure. They could build high-speed rail. This isn?t something a private company could do ? there is no profit in it. This is a job the government should do. It needs to be done and we have a built-in work force to do it. They say if you create 3 million jobs, it will really create about 5 million. Tax-paying workers erase deficits. And, most importantly, instead of being discarded by society, these people will all be working and contributing. We could help give the lives of our veterans greater meaning. Clifford Lanxner, Applegate