Veterans Day parade calls

Reader Input
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For the last several years the City of Auburn has hosted a wonderful parade that honors veterans from all branches of the military from past to present. I urge veterans who have never participated in this great parade to show up and walk down Lincoln Way in Auburn. It is quite an honor for two reasons. First, you have earned it. Second, the people of Auburn and all of Placer County have been very supportive. We are still fighting in faraway lands to make our country safe. This year the parade honors the Korean War. This so-called “police action” cost the lives of over 50,000 men. The veterans of engagements such as Chosin Reservoir, Inchon and Pork Chop Hill would hardly call this a police action. These veterans are in their 70s and 80s. I hope you will take a few hours to salute these great people. And finally, my fellow Vietnam veterans, I will see you at the top of the hill on Lincoln Way where we will walk in loose formation to the fairgrounds. P.S. My son, Capt. Paul Webber, USMC, is finally stateside after four deployments, two Purple Hearts and a bronze star with “V.” He and his family are getting a break Larry P. Webber, Newcastle; USN Vietnam 1966-1969