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Veterans parade is not for supporters of communism

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After the Veterans Day Parade I wrote a letter to the editor asking why the “communist supporters,” Veterans for Peace, were allowed in the parade (Journal online letters, Nov. 21). Since my letter, three members of the Veterans for Peace have each written their own letters attacking my question. Not one of the Veterans for Peace members who has taken exception to my calling their group “communist supporters” has denied being a communist supporter. Not one of the letter writers has denied that the Veterans for Peace has marched with and supports the activist arm of the American Communist Party, World Can’t Wait. The stated objective of WCW is anarchy in America. These Veterans for Peace members instead have attacked me. I am a former Marine and a Vietnam veteran. I support peace and I personally do not support the current conflict in Iraq. My letter was not directed at the peace marchers; it was questioning why a group that supports an active communist organization was allowed to participate in a veterans parade. I also question a veterans organization that accepts members and promotes them as veterans — as the Veterans for Peace does, who have never served in the military. Perhaps someone from the Veterans for Peace can answer my original question. Why should any organization that either marches with or supports the American Communist Party participate in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade? Tom Cavallero Foresthill