Veterinarians cost too much

Reader Input
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I think our veterinarians need to lower prices for vet visits. For an average dog to see the vet for a check-up the cost averages from $90 to $120. The last time we took my dog to the vet for a check-up the cost totaled to around $300! Most people don’t have that much extra cash just to check-up on their pets every year. When people realize that they can’t pay for their pets, their pets may sometimes end up on the street. Vet prices also affect animal abuse. If someone’s dog cannot be taken care of by the owner, the owner might not take his/her pet to the pound, to avoid the possibility of it being euthanized. They neglect their pet without realizing it. Vet bills must be reduced. Why are vet bills so high, when all people want to do is care for their pet? Vet prices raise the numbers for uncared for pets everywhere. I discussed this topic with some of my friends. One of them reported that when she took her dog, Gunn, to the vet, the cost came out to be around $400. That’s way too much. Can’t something be done? ASHLEY ADCOCK, student, Auburn