Vietnam vets were overlooked

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Hello! Auburn. I guess no one told the Auburn Journal the theme of the Nov. 11, 2009 Veterans Day Parade was “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans.” Because you sure failed them. You should have covered the front page with pictures and a story. But no. You had one small picture on the back page. To the Vietnam vets, I say I am sorry. You guys got a bad deal! I also think you got a bad deal when you came marching home and the people of this country turned their backs on you. The veterans of World War I, World War II and the Korean War should have raised such an uproar and said to our country, hold on, this is not right. We love our country or none of us would go off to war. It was time for our country to show our love for the Vietnam veterans. That’s why I am writing this letter — to salute you guys and say welcome home — many years too late. This Korean vet is proud of all you guys and ashamed of the Auburn Journal! So all of you people, if you agree with me, pick up your pen and tell the Journal what you think. Let’s welcome home the Vietnam vets. LEE THORPE, Rocklin