View war with different eyes

Reader Input
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I have heard, lately, about how we are deciding how many more troops to send to Afghanistan, a number appropriate to get the job done. This is truly a situation that looks different when viewed through other eyes. What if next year, the Chinese decide that democracy is the scourge of the world and their mission is to root it out? They send 20 million troops to the U.S.A. to overthrow that monstrous capitalist dictator, Obama. For our own good, of course. Then there’s the day your mom and sister go to church. The Chinese suspect they are shielding terrorists and blow it up. They say, Oops, my bad. No responsibility taken. And the time the truckload of Chinese mercenaries decides they hate all the traffic on High Street and open fire on the people gathered there – 17 dead. The Chinese never punish their mercenaries. You can’t take it any longer. You and your friends hate the sight of all Chinese. You snipe at soldiers. You blow up trucks. Have you become murderous terrorists or are you freedom fighters? Here’s my question: In your opinion, what would be an acceptable Chinese troop-level for Placer County? A number sufficient to get the job done. Things always look different when you’re the victim. Clifford Lanxner, Applegate