Vocational programs vital

Reader Input
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I wish to echo the recent comments of Sally Dawley Palmer, Ed Wicks and others. Shame on you, administrators and board, on your inevitable decision to cancel the vocational programs at Sierra College. I am broken-hearted at your misguided intentions to deprive the local and extended communities (past, present, future) of the chance to further and establish their careers in the vocational fields! My husband, Michael Woodside, began teaching “the trades” at Sierra College when he transferred as an instructor at Foothill High School. This was when Paul Dawley retired. He, along with Ed Wicks, Craig Chamberlain and many others, “worked their butts off” to keep a wonderful program going for 30-plus years. It was (and is) a widely respected program, statewide and nationally. Many have gone on to their own businesses, teaching careers and personal enjoyment and benefits. Shame on you, Sierra. Where will the training come from now? Community, we need your support! Sandy Woodside, Cool