Vote to get our rights back

Reader Input
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The addition of yet more pay stations does not surprise those of us that have been observing more and more rights get taken away (“Nature’s beauty will cost you,” Journal, June 26).
We have already paid for the upkeep of our canyon and lands through taxes. Why must we now pay to park? We cannot drive more than 12 feet off of any roadway.
Have you noticed all the giant boulders on any turn-out or other place you may be able to drive off the road? Have you noticed all the locked gates and existing roads being plowed over?
Our canyons are now for the rich and elite that can afford the $10 parking fee. The EPA is devastating to the average tax-paying man. They have an agenda and will try to sneak our rights away from us unless we stand up to them.
Several sheriffs are taking a stand against big government by banding together in our northern state.
By visiting their supportruralamerica website, you can see the stand they are taking to uphold the oath they have taken as a sheriff. This November we need to vote to get our rights back.
Peggy McCray, Auburn