Vote Obama, vote stupid

Reader Input
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Many people have called the president, Barack Obama, stupid. Not fair and not true. Let’s examine how stupid he is. We hired him with over 69 million votes totally ignoring his miserable qualifications. He is doing a lousy job with a record number of people out of work. He has appointed 32 czars to do his work while he vacations and plays golf and travels to campaign for re-election, on the taxpayers’ money. He decides which laws he supports and which laws he ignores. He doubled the deficit, ignored the Constitution and will ruin our health care system. And he still stands an excellent chance of being re-hired. Now, we ask, who is stupid, the people that will re-elect him or Barack Obama? I have heard many people admit voting for him because they did not want to be a called racist. Now they will vote him out so as not to be called stupid. Mike Michaelsen, Auburn