Vote out the eco-activists

Reader Input
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It’s amazing Senators Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Attorney General Jerry Brown and others dare to put their ecology agenda far ahead of the welfare of people. An eco-activist federal judge shut off water to Central Valley farmers, ranchers and communities. Not one politician did a thing to stop it. Jerry Brown failed to appeal the decision to the State or U.S. Supreme Court. Nearly all politicos at state and federal level sat on their hands and did nothing. When Dianne Feinstein was questioned on the Senate floor last week how a two-and-a-half inch fish is more important than people, she haughtily replied, “balance must be considered.” Feinstein, Boxer, Brown and company tacitly allowed the water cut-off to the best and largest food producers in the world, obviously, preferring “fish” over people. In the Central Valley, crop fields are lying sere and dead as are orchards. Less food means increased prices. Now, California families will suffer but our poorest will suffer first and worst. The insult is, these political hacks sit on their dead duffs collecting millions in salary, perks, fully paid medical coverage, pension and lobbyist supplied “campaign funds.” Vote against them and send them all back to private life. They deserve it! Rocky Warren, Colfax