Vote out Obama

Reader Input
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It is now, and forever will be, Bush?s fault. He is not the president nor is he in Congress, but the blame is his. Obama is the victim of failed promises. Following is a list of the broken promises. Put all bills on the White House website before signing them; health care negotiations broadcast live on C-Span; end earmarks; close the center at Guantanamo; keep unemployment below 8 percent; end hiring of lobbyists in high White House jobs; end no-compete contracts with the government; Eric Holder, the president?s attorney general and the terrorists? trial to be held in N.Y. If Harry (Reid) and Nancy (Pelosi) weren?t under the yoke of Bush there would be no closed-door drafting of bills and no vote-buying (Nebraska and Louisiana). I haven?t even mentioned the trillions of debt and growing. It is amazing that George Bush has such a stranglehold on Obama and it is his fault for the mess we are in. Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy?s seat because the people were upset with Bush, or so said Obama. Solyndra? Gun sale scandal? Hopefully the stranglehold will end in November! Mike Michaelsen, Auburn