Vote for the person, not the party

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Dear Fellow Citizen, I have heard, “that if you don’t want to be forgotten as soon as your dead and rotten, either write things worth the reading or do things worth the writing,” or that’s at least Benjamin Franklins formula for success. So I have taken up the pen to inform my fellows of the conformity and complacency that has fallen upon our country and its black and white politics. Democracy is the representation of the people, where everyone’s voice is heard. Unfortunately true democracy would require everyone to agree upon a subject, and this is unrealistic since we are all of different minded opinions. So our country has elected a watered down but no less opinionated government where we are represented through our representatives, who are supposed to represent our views in congress. At the creation of Americas Government over 200 years ago this was our founding fathers goals, a good one, but short sighted. They failed to realize the creation of political parties only a few years later who would organize Americas different views into a single system that would represent those who voted for them, necessary but dangerous. With only two political philosophies, conservatism and liberalism, it left room for only two major political parties, a conservative party and a liberal party, both who would dominate American politics. As they grew they became more centralized the representatives voted along their guild lines, and we the people were content, becoming complacent. And with this complacency we lost sight of what a Representative did, represent us. Today we reap the benefits of our slumber with congress men and women who believe they know better than we. So when Diane Finnstine received thousands of emails saying don’t vote for the Bail Out Plan, she listened? No! This has happened again as the Democratic leaders shoved through a health care plan that was opposed by both health care advocates and non health care advocates. They are obviously smarter than we, the common men and women, who are hopelessly ignorant, showing the next rut our political parties have fallen into, one sided voting. Democrats vote one way and Republicans the other, no one votes what the individual wants, they vote how the political leader wants, so uniformly compliant, or constitutionally incorrect! They bargain for favors instead of standing firm for their constituents. Also there is a one party majority, the Democrats have control of both the Legislative and Executive branch just like the Republicans a few years earlier, even our two sides were not fairly represented. The two party system must be shattered. In the next election don’t vote for your party, vote for the person who Represents you. If we must, we the people must vote for all congress men and women to leave office and put all new men and women in their positions with a radical message. Your power comes from us the people and not your party. Power must be held by many, not few, otherwise the few will exercise tyranny upon us the individuals. Your humblest servant, Ben Baker, Loomis