Vote for survival of society

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John Koehler finds it puzzling that those of us who favor the traditional definition of marriage-as being only between a man and a woman can continue to resist alleged scientific findings that people with same sex attractions cannot help themselves because they were born that way, Your Views, Journal, Aug. 12. A society that wants to survive will have a strong interest in promoting and maintaining marriage between men and women for reasons that used to be obvious. Those reasons include the creation of the next generation and raising them in the best possible environment, which will make it most likely that they, in turn, will contribute to the survival of the society. That best possible environment is found only within a family, with father and mother at its head. Substitutes may work somewhat, but they are not the ideal. A society that wants to survive will promote the ideal and avoid the substitutes. Obviously, we should be kind and compassionate toward the substitutes, but this does not mean that society is required to elevate the substitutes to the same level as the ideal. The truth of these assertions is revealed in the answers to two simple questions. If a society consisted of nothing but homosexual relationships, could it survive? Obviously, no it could not. If a society consisted of nothing but heterosexual relationships, could it survive? Possibly. When you vote for Proposition 8 in November you will be voting for survival. Grant Shaw Auburn