Vote yes on Measure K

Reader Input
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All these John Wayne solutions to our city’s (Lincoln’s) financial mess, say cutting the city manager’s salary in half, are simply not going to happen overnight and would not solve the problem anyway. What will happen for sure is: 1. We will immediately lose additional police officers. 2. It will increase 911 response times and jeopardize lives. 3. Your libraries will close. 4. Your parks will close. All I hear is cut the city manager’s salary, do not spend $54,000 to educate the public on the problem and all will be fine. The truth is that if we eliminated the city manager’s position, our problem would be reduced by 1 percent. I am concerned now about the 99 percent problem. There is no question that the public employees’ salary and benefits have gotten out of line. The Lincoln City Council has been working on this problem way before it became public knowledge. This problem is state and even nationwide. We must pass Measure K to stop the deterioration in our city services (police, fire, libraries, parks and recreation) while the realignment of the city finances is done in an orderly way. Larry and Nancy Whitaker, Lincoln