Vote yes on Proposition 21

Reader Input
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My husband and I have discussed and agreed that Proposition 21 is a really good proposition. It guarantees a steady revenue stream to be used specifically for our State parks. We have 278 State parks in California. Many are within Placer County. They are visited by 80 million people every year. These parks provide recreation for all of us, beautiful areas for each of us to enjoy, educational programs for our children, income for all the surrounding communities which translates into jobs and tax revenue to support things we need. Right now, the parks have a huge backlog of maintenance projects and many parks are facing closure due to lack of funds. Voting yes on Prop. 21 will provide the steady funding to address these many maintenance projects, which in turn will provide jobs and income to local communities including ours. This is a great gift to our kids and grandkids and an economic stimulus to small communities statewide. Voting yes on Prop. 21 is a win-win-win proposition. Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle