Vote your conscience on charter issue

Reader Input
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The time to end the plague of unfunded mandates and demands is now. We choose to live here and care about the quality of life and the other aspects of Auburn life and want to preserve them. The fiscal pressures of today’s economic downturn have been particularly hard for small communities like Auburn. Unlike the state, our city has to continually maintain a balanced budget despite the raids on our funds. We need to be able to make decisions that respect the quality of life in the community and also deal with severe fiscal hardships. As American citizens, we have the right to decide how we live and where we choose to spend our money. If we are to protect our rights, transformation of our current form of cityhood to a form better suited for local control, namely for Auburn to become a charter city, is urgently needed despite all the scare tactics currently being used to discourage us from this goal. Protect our rights by studying the real facts of such a transformation and then vote your conscience when the issue is on the ballot. Your vote counts and your participation can make a big difference. George Coe, Auburn