Voter will take her chances

Reader Input
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Re: “Gaines targeted by PAC,” Journal, May 1. Andre Levesque, in response to mailers calling attention to the incontrovertible fact that Ted and Beth Gaines have cost taxpayers a million-plus dollars, ingenuously responds by saying that he finds it “interesting that a special interest group with no ties to the local community is running what he describes as a smear campaign.” Mr. Levesque conveniently ignores the tens of thousands of dollars that have poured into Beth Gaines’ coffers from such “family values” stalwarts as casinos, liquor manufacturers and cigarette makers, not to mention PACs with ties to groups that are antithetical to the well-being of the dwindling middle class. I am afraid to ask what “ties to the local community” these entities represent in Mr. Levesque’s mind. I am voting for an unknown quantity, Dennis Campanale, rather than a predictable puppet, Beth Gaines. Patricia Burke, Newcastle