Voters asking for fed handout

Reader Input
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Re: the article describing a last-ditch effort to secure FEMA funding for the Ophir Fire Station — (“Ophir fire station to call it quits Jan. 1,” Journal, Sept. 12).
The article states that a June 5 ballot measure to pay an annual parcel fee of $40 in the North Auburn/Ophir fire coverage area failed, so the assistant emergency services director requested the Placer County board of supervisors to support a request begging the Federal Emergency Management Authority for $1.2 million to keep the station open.
Help me understand this — the residents of that area voted “no” to preserve fire protection and are now asking the federal government to rescue them from potential disasters!
My guess is that the same folks who support asking the federal government for this money are the same folks who are screaming about the federal deficit and who want local control.
That position is both contradictory and hypocritical! Republicans — isn’t that a redistribution of our income?
Bob Miller, Auburn