Voters can only blame selves

Reader Input
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Lois Piscitelli (Reader Input, July 16) asked why citizens get stuck paying for politician’s stupid mistakes. Simple answer. We keep reelecting incompetent, incumbent politicians. Blame the voters! In California, Democrats have controlled the Senate since December 1980; the Assembly since January 1971 (excepting the period June 5, 1995 to Nov. 30, 1996); and the lieutenant governor since January 1983. The governorship has alternated between Democrat and Republican, but Gray Davis had complete control of both state houses and spent us into oblivion. Our current governor is both incompetent and overwhelmed by the Democrat majority. We are still being spent into oblivion. Over the years, voters have tried to rectify bad political policy by passing various initiatives. But leftists would sue, allowing leftist judges, at both the state and federal level, to overturn the will of the people. Between one and five judges overturned the will of millions of voters. Don’t expect anything to change in November. Our voters, most nominally informed at best, will return the same incompetent incumbents to Sacramento, perpetuating the insanity. Democrats have controlled the state for 27 years and we are bankrupt. But they will be back, reelected again! Looking for someone to blame? “Look in the mirror!” Willard F. Schmehl, Cool