Voters Did Make a Change

Reader Input Online
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Doroth James, 8/13 now realizes the voters made a change last November and she like many others in the political minority are squaking like a gaggle of turkeys. Much like the turkey, lots of noise but little to offer. Yes Dorothy, you and others like you don’t like any kind of taxes. Too bad, as those taxes make my life and yours very comfortable. Try living in the third world countries. I pay my taxes. I grumble about them and I, like millions of others, am willing to pay additional taxes to make America even better. And Dorothy, what’s with this Hussein thing? Is that to somehow make Obama out to be less American? And what about your accusation that Obama consistently lies? Please document! The lies I keep reading (and yes documenting) are coming from Palin, Thompson and Boehner> You go further to state we are being denied the opportunity to read legislation before it is passed. I don’t know about you but I read legislation continually, and at my fingertips, on the internet. In fact, I read the entire 1,018 page health care bill. Did you? It’s all there Dorothy and anyone can read any piece of legislation before it is passed. What’s this socialist stuff? Is the U.S. military a socialist thing? And what about health care for all of our veterans? Socialist? No one prints money except the fed. Socialist too?? How about the CSU and UC. schools? Are they socialist inspired? And I suppose the whole public school thing must be part of a socialist plot. Oh, and by the way, I notice d there are also a lot of private universities that compete. You know, like Stanford, Harvard, etc. They haven’t gone broke yet but I guess the health care insurers must be really different. All I can add Dorothy is you might want to follow the yellow brick road. It might just give you a heart and a mind. John Rabe, Newcastle