Voters: Let your voice be heard

Reader Input
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Well another election is almost upon us. For months I have been reading about how people are not going to vote for any incumbents. I for one am not going to vote for any incumbents for the next few elections. I am sure my vote will not turn things around — but I am going to know that I didn’t contribute to the continuing bad decisions made by our Congress and Senate — not to mention local politicians. I am tired of watching and hearing of decisions that make no sense at all. I think the politicians think they can continue as before, as they will not be voted out of office. But will this be the year where we make our voices heard? Nation-wide the decision on illegal immigration in Arizona has reverberated throughout the nation. It is a difficult decision, but can we continue to support the illegals through schooling, medical coverage, welfare, Social Security? We are so far in debt in California. Until the housing and economy turns around — how can we continue to cut back on schooling, medical coverage, welfare, seniors, disabled? We have to help our regular citizens. When we are back in a good financial situation — maybe then we can consider helping everyone who enters California. But we are not in that situation — we have got to stop spending money like we have it — we don’t. How are you going to vote? JEANNETTE KLEBOFSKI, Auburn