Voters may well need counseling

Reader Input
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I have been an avid reader of newspapers for decades. A person can generally find the front page filled with stories of war, epidemics, natural disasters, political unrest in the world and so on. Scary stuff, huh? But to my mind, the absolute scariest material can be found in the letters to the editor section these days since the advent of the tea party. All too often letters rely on innuendo, unconfirmed information, just plain lies or words adopted from vitriol spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Even worse, much of the criticism of President Barack Obama drips with the venom that can only be explained as racist. As the most important election in many years approaches, I would offer the following advice: Anyone on Medicare, any person who relies on Social Security, any Hispanic and most assuredly any woman who is contemplating voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket should seek counseling immediately. Ron Lowe, Nevada City