Voters want term limits

Reader Input
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Regarding “Former mayor petitioning to impose council term limits,” (Journal, Aug. 16): Please do not turn the Term Limits for Loomis Town Council Initiative into something that it’s not. Please take it at its face value and for the good and positive changes that it can bring to our community. This initiative is truly not about old grudges between current and prior councilpeople and/or citizens. It’s about the hope of changing our community for the better and moving forward, not getting stuck in the past. There are many other people in our community beside Tom Millward who want term limits for the Loomis Town Council. As our blog states: “Overwhelmingly, most voters prefer term limits.” Term limits make room for fresh candidates and encourages participation. We invite you to participate in your local government. Begin by visiting: to find out more about the Term Limits for Loomis Town Council Initiative that will be on the ballot in June of 2010. Just as Councilman (Miguel) Ucovich states: “It’s up to the voters.” Sonja L. Cupler, Loomis