Voting with Moe, Larry, Curly

Reader Input
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It’s common practice for politicians to vote to increase taxes on their constituents. It’s become as American as apple pie. However, it’s unusual for constituents to vote to raise taxes on themselves. It’s like hitting oneself on the head with a hammer. Then, for the governor of California and the media to tell the people that the increase will only be “temporary,” is ludicrous. In order to believe such nonsense one would have to have had his/her head buried in the sand for the past 50 years. To add insult to injury, the first items these politicians threaten to sacrifice are public safety, health, education and welfare programs. They refuse to touch the real culprits bankrupting the state such as government unions, wasteful government spending, supporting illegal aliens, etc. If they fail to convince taxpayers to vote to raise taxes on themselves, they plan to redistrict voting areas so that the taxing party can vote to raise taxes without any votes from anyone as they did with the high-speed rail bond program. And to top it off, the local media are using every means to convince taxpayers that they should vote to raise taxes on themselves. One of the techniques they use is actually funny. They find a couple of people who appear as if they’re either homeless or on welfare. They ask them if they are in favor or opposed to a tax increase. The common reply “it’s not that much money and if the government needs it to get by, we should pay it.” Fortunately, The Three Stooges can be seen at the same time as the evening news. TED SLIFER, Weimar