Vouchers will be a nightmare

Reader Input
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Lifetime politician Tom McClintock has voted twice to “save” Medicare by changing it into a voucher program. This will, in fact, dismantle it. Jack Uppal, his opponent in Congressional District 4, will protect Medicare by eliminating provider fraud and rewarding positive medical results and cutting unnecessary procedures. Under a voucher system, Medicare will be a nightmare. Seniors will be given a voucher with a fixed value to shop for medical services that rise in cost every year. The market will be full of snake oil salesmen. Seniors will find themselves bombarded with phone and junk mail solicitations and subject to fraudulent schemes. McClintock attacks Medicare because he doesn’t believe in government benefits, even though he has been collecting them all his life. Uppal supports Medicare as a safety net which has provided real value and peace-of-mind for seniors since 1965. That’s why, as a senior, I’m voting for Uppal. Brian Hassett, Auburn