Wake up and dare to speak up

Reader Input
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In spite of those choosing disgraceful behavior, I largely support the actions of the Occupy protestors. Contrary to what mainstream media will have you believe, a cursory search of the myriad independent news sources (that is, news organizations not beholden to the whims of their advertisers and sponsors) clearly reveals the movement’s core message: remove the overwhelming grip that mega-corporations and their controlling interests have over our elected officials and the electoral process. Lasting solutions will need to come from both sides of the political spectrum, but until some very basic changes are made to the system, little will transform no matter what political party holds sway. I have grown frustrated with the lack of effectiveness that traditional democratic efforts now produce. No matter how many letters to our elected officials and countless trips to the polling booth, I feel increasingly powerless and without voice. It is time for the untold millions to take the necessary steps to ensure their collective voice is heard. Occupying is not the only First-Amendment-guaranteed method at one’s disposal. You can remove an occupation but you cannot remove an idea whose time has come. Wake up, link up and dare to speak up. Norman Pettit, Meadow Vista