Wake up and see the reality In Washington

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When will the people of America wake up and look at what the politicians in Washington are doing to us. Let’s get mad, and throw all the idiots out. Not only did their incompetence, greed and petty bickering lead to this financial disaster, but they could not stop screwing things up even when they passed the ‘bail out’ package but added an additional $500 million in pork before they would pass it!! We need to take back our country. I’m a small business man, you know the guy they keep saying is the backbone of the economy, well I want my representatives in Washington to know what I go through. You want affordable health insurance? Make the politicians go get it just like the rest of us and watch how fast it gets fixed. There is too much money and special interests in Washington? Another fix, no gifts of any kind period. Go buy your own lunch, tickets to a ball game, airline ticket to Hawaii. No lavish parties or outings, if you go, it’s declared as income and you pay taxes on it. Why is their retirement guaranteed? Mine wasn’t. I want them to watch as their assets are slashed because of mismanagement, incompetence and greed. See how it feels to play by the rules your whole life, save, invest as wisely as you can, pay your taxes and plan for retirement. Then through no fault of your own have your plans decimated by greed, incompetence and just plain stupidity of your elected officials. On November 5th remember who did this too us when you cast your vote, lets oust those in Washington and start over. Could it be any worse? Jack Prust Meadow Vista