Wal-Mart and more needed

Reader Input
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I read the letter that Patrick MacRoberts from Newcastle wrote on Thursday, June 6, ?Does North Auburn need a Wal-Mart?? I live in North Auburn and realize the need for more choices. Apparently he lives in Newcastle and can go to Roseville faster than I can. From the turn-off to Newcastle to go to the Home Depot is seven miles ? that makes it easier for him to go to Roseville. We also need to have a Costco, Trader Joe?s and possibly a Lowe?s. I have been shopping here when we go to the stores we do have and they are out of what we need and are forced to go to Roseville. Why not bring some of the revenue here, instead of forcing the people from as far as Grass Valley and elsewhere to go down the hill? Peggy Impala, Auburn