Wal-Mart is a force for good

Reader Input
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Wal-Mart has been a consistently positive contributor to the communities around it! In Roseville the Placer Food Bank, which supports over 55 charitable agencies and programs with food, has received significant donations from WalMart in many forms. They supplied us with new trucks which allow us to pick up scarce, perishable nutritious food at Wal-Mart as well as other grocery locations and deliver that food to points throughout Placer, Nevada and El Dorado counties. In addition, Wal-Mart donates significant amounts of food directly to the Placer Food Bank for distribution to nonprofits who help struggling families throughout the county. Their generosity is a great example to us all. Auburn should be very pleased with the news that Wal-Mart is going to be part of their community. They are stalwart community supporters and they bring low prices and jobs wherever they go. Dave Martinez, executive director, Placer Food Bank