Wal-Mart harms middle class

Reader Input
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I think Mr. (Don) Stewart (Reader Input, April 7) has it just the opposite. I think Wal-Mart hates the unions. If Wal-Mart could break the unions, there’s no telling how low wages could go. Wal-Mart is doing what it always attempts to do ... move into an area and drive down wages. Eliminate fair-waged union workers and replace them with underpaid workers lacking benefits. The middle class in this country keep getting pushed farther and farther down economically, while more and more of the wealth goes to the very rich. The Walton family (Wal-Mart) are among the top 10 wealthiest families in the nation. One wonders why they can’t pay a fair living wage. The union people at Bel Air, Safeway, and the others aren’t getting rich. They’re working for a living wage, working to pay their bills and because they have health insurance they’re not forced to go to the ER for non-emergency care. They’re not overpaid ... I don’t see any of the rich wanting to trade places with them. We need to strengthen our middle class, not tear it down further. Dan Tomich, Auburn