Wal-Mart may usher in gridlock

Reader Input
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Has our county planning department ever considered another location for the big-box stores? It seems to me that some of the pastureland north of Lone Star Road on this side of the Bear River – still in Placer County, so that we could have the tax revenue, could solve the problem. This location would serve Lake of the Pines and Grass Valley, as well. Auburn’s businesses would be less threatened. The traffic on Highway 49 might be less since much of the Grass Valley traffic may be trying to reach the freeway for the big stores. We could benefit from, not only Wal-Mart but Lowes, Costco and whatever other box store would come. Much of our population are seniors, and are living on pensions. Gasoline and food are necessities and when we can save on these things, it helps. Some items are as much as a dollar less at Wal-Mart or Winco over against Raley’s and Safeway and these add up. Even with three lanes, Highway 49 from Bell Road to Luther Road is congested. Imagine what the added traffic is going to be like with more long left-turn times in that short distance. If this is the only access to the Wal-Mart, we will be living with gridlock. MARILYN THOMAS, Auburn