Wal-Mart means food and medicine

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I do not believe getting a Wal-Mart in Auburn would change us from a small town. We still have our great old town, which visitors come to. But, Wal-Mart would help in several ways. As we get older the golden years sometimes have a great deal of tin or rust in them. So, it would be nice to be able to not have to drive 45 minutes down the hill. And also to be able to afford some of the groceries we have to decide on buying or getting our medications. Not counting how many people would be happy to have any job right now. In order for a town to stay alive, I have been told it has to grow some for the needs of the people, and I do believe having a Wal-Mart has more pluses than negatives. Plus, look, we have a very big Home Depot and we are still going on with life. Sharyn Digneo, Auburn