Wal-Mart offers nothing new

Reader Input
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Some people in Auburn want a Wal-Mart. Well, I don’t! Wal-Mart will kill small businesses in Auburn and put people out of jobs. The items that are in Wal-Mart are everything we can already get in Auburn. Most people would think this is a convenience, but I don’t because we already have all that we need: a Target, a KMart, a Safeway, a Best Buy and a Big 5. We need to stay local! If we don’t, we will hurt so many people in Auburn, and if you have to go to Wal-Mart that bad, then get in the car and take a 15-minute drive to Roseville. With all this, it’s obvious that we need to stick together and keep Auburn a small town and a strong town, not a bunch of people without jobs because of some big Wal-Mart. Auburn is also very historical and always has been. The more big buildings and huge stores the less historic Auburn gets. Auburn will lose its small-town flavor. You know all the facts. You can make your own decisions. Either you want a Wal-Mart or you don’t. I do not. CHRIS McDONELL, student, Auburn